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Getting Started with Flows

Learn more about the workflow automation you can create on Amplified, including the different statuses and metrics you can track.

Flow Builder | Drag-and-drop automation editor

Amplified’s flow builder allows you to edit and customize your automated flows and visually map out your customer journey. This article explains its components in greater detail.

Creating and enabling your Cart Recovery Flow

Create a Cart Recovery workflow within minutes using our automation builder. Find out how to get started in this article.

Disabling Shopify's default abandon cart email

Once you enable the Amplified Abandon Cart Recovery Flow, be sure to disable the Shopify abandon cart recovery email

Flow Metrics

Understand how to identify areas for improvement from your flow's analytics.

Testing your Abandoned Cart Flow

Make sure to test your abandoned cart email or SMS template before enabling it to ensure that it's bringing in customers. Learn how to do the test here.

When is the best time to send a Cart Recovery email?

Cart recovery emails play a crucial role in e-commerce, helping businesses recover lost sales and increase revenue. This article covers the recommended timing for sending these emails and tips for maximizing their impact.

What makes an effective cart recovery email?

Maximize your abandoned cart recovery with these crucial elements. Learn about the importance of timing, personalization, clear call to action, and incentives in your email strategy.

Welcome Flow

Automated welcome messages make a positive first impression for new subscribers. Learn more about it here.

Placed Order vs Purchased Product events

This article will explain how Placed Order and Purchased Product events differ.

Using email aliases to test automated workflows

In this article, you will learn how to set up Gmail or Google Workspace email aliases to use when testing automated workflows.

FAQs - Flows

Get to know the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Flows.