Welcome Flow

Your welcome message is the first message you send to new subscribers after they create an account or subscribe to your list.

It is one of the most important messages you'll ever send. It's your first chance to make a great impression and set the tone for the relationship you will have with that subscriber for the rest of their time on your list.

It is an opportunity to introduce yourself, build rapport with new subscribers, and get them excited about receiving more emails from you. They set expectations for what they can expect from your brand.

At Amplified, we made it easy for you to set up your welcome message through Welcome Flow. We do this because we believe that the first impression is one of the most important things in establishing a relationship with your audience.

What is a Welcome Flow

A Welcome Flow is a series of automated messages sent to new subscribers after they subscribe to your list or create an account.

Welcome Flow Templates

We have 3 pre-made templates that you can use to automate your welcome message.


This flow will send a welcome email immediately after a customer subscribes to your email list.

Welcome 2

This flow will send a series of welcome emails after a customer signs up and create an account. A welcome email will be sent immediately after an account has been created, and a follow-up email will be sent three days later.

Welcome 3

This flow will send a series of welcome SMS to a customer as soon as they consent to receive SMS messages from you. Upon subscriber registration, a welcome SMS will be sent immediately, and a follow-up message will follow 24 hours later.

How to Create a Welcome Flow

To set up your Welcome Flow, you can start from one of our available templates and modify them as you go.

  1. In Amplified's Flows Library, select one of three Welcome Flow templates.
  2. On the flow template you have chosen, click Preview Flow.
    How to navigate to the Flows Library page and create a Welcome Flow
  3. Add a name for your Flow and select Create Flow from this Template.
    How to create a welcome flow from a template
  4. Modify the Actions and Messages you want to send your customers. Learn more in the article on Flow Builder | Drag-and-drop automation editor.
  5. After setting up your Welcome Flow, set the channels to Live and enable the toggle button above the flow title.
    How to set SMS and email channels to Live and enable the flow


Is it possible for the customer to enter the Welcome flow again if he unsubscribes and then resubscribes?

Yes, it is possible if the re-entry condition is set to Always or With Delay. To ensure that nobody can get your Welcome email with the discount code twice, we recommend setting your Re-entry Condition to Never. This way, customers who unsubscribe and resubscribe will no longer receive Welcome emails.

When should I send a welcome flow?

The best way to engage new email subscribers is by sending them an automated welcome email IMMEDIATELY- while you are still top of mind.

How many welcome messages should I send?

Instead of simply sending one welcome message, consider sending your new subscribers a series of welcome messages to give them a comprehensive overview of your brand.

A single welcome message may not be enough to get them excited about everything that's happening with your company, but if you can give them more information about what they can expect from you and why they should stay engaged with your product or service, then you're more likely to keep them around long-term.

How can I send a welcome flow to my existing customers?

Instead of sending a welcome flow, you can send a welcome campaign.

  1. Create a segment for the contacts you want to send the Welcome message to.
  2. Create a Welcome Email or SMS campaign to send to your newly created segment.