FAQs - Flows

Will emails or SMS be sent to carts that were abandoned before I activate my Cart Recovery Flow?

The Cart Recovery Flow will only send emails and SMS notifications to carts that have been abandoned after you activate the flow. Any abandoned carts before that point will not be recovered.

How long does it take for a cart to change to Abandoned?

We'll give the cart up to 10 minutes of inactivity before we consider it Abandoned. As soon as their status changes to Abandoned, they will enter your Abandoned Cart flow if it is enabled.

I own multiple stores. Can I copy an email, campaign, or flow from one store to another?

Yes, you can! To do this, you will need to reach out to our customer service team. Our team will verify that you own both stores before replicating it. When the process is complete, we’ll send you a message letting you know the original email, campaign, or flow has been duplicated.

Can I add more email or SMS blocks after a flow has been activated?

Yes, you can add more email or SMS blocks after a flow has been activated. Contacts will remain in the waiting blocks until the designated time arrives. At that point, they will either proceed to the next step of the flow or exit the flow depending on the pre-defined exit condition.