Delivery Log

Amplified's Delivery Log gives you the complete picture of a message's journey. It provides a detailed account of all messages that were sent and delivered, including those that failed to reach their intended recipients. This allows you to quickly identify any issues with your campaigns or flows and take the necessary steps to address them.

Understanding Amplified’s Delivery Log

The information available on the Delivery Log page


The Message column is where you will find the following information:

  • The type of message: a Campaign or a Flow.
  • The title of the campaign or flow
  • An icon that indicates what channel it was sent through—if it is an SMS, there will be a speech bubble icon; if it is an email, there will be a mail icon.
  • Recipient

The recipient column displays the contact's email address or phone number.


The date column shows the date and time the message was sent/attempted to be sent. The date can be viewed by hovering the mouse over the time.


Your messages can have any of these seven statuses:

  1. Seeking Approval

    Our Customer Support team is still reviewing the message.

  2. Ready

    The message has been approved and will be sent at the scheduled time.

  3. Retrying

    The message could not be sent because of a temporary issue on the receiver's side, but we are working to resend it.

  4. Sent

    The message was successfully sent to Postmark or Twilio, our partners for email and SMS delivery.

  5. Delivered

    The message has been successfully accepted by the ISP (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) or carrier (T-Mobile, AT&T, etc.).

  6. Undelivered

    The message was not accepted by the ISP or carrier. This could be due to any of the following reasons:

    • The email was sent to an incorrect address.
    • The email address is invalid.
    • The sender's mailbox is full or has reached its maximum storage limit.
    • Email authentication issues.
    • Spam or reputation-related hard bounce.
  7. Skipped

    The message was not sent due to any of the following reasons:

    • The contact has not subscribed to your email or SMS service.
    • The email or SMS was already sent to the contact.
    • Your monthly sending limit was exceeded.
    • The email or SMS block is in a draft state.
    • The contact does not have an email or phone number.