How to preview and send test emails

Previewing and sending test emails are crucial parts of the email marketing process. It helps you catch any problems with your content before it goes out. You will be able to see if any images are missing or if any text formatting is incorrect. You can even see which links are broken—and fix them before anyone notices! You could think of it as having a second pair of eyes reviewing your message before you send it.

To preview an email, follow these simple steps:

  1. After editing your email draft, select “Preview” at the top of the email editor.
    How to preview an email template
  2. Select a specific contact's email address from the dropdown list to see how the email will look to that recipient.
  3. Click “Desktop” to see how your email looks on a desktop or laptop, and “Mobile” to see how it appears on a mobile device.
    How to preview an email on a mobile device or desktop

Alternatively, you can also send a test email to yourself to see how they look in your inbox. These simple steps will guide you through the process:

  1. In the “Send To” box, enter the email address for your test email. Make sure to use a comma whenever you add more than one email address.
  2. Click “Send Test Email”.
  3. Go to your inbox, check the email you just sent, and make any necessary changes if needed.
    How to send the test email

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