Creating and sending SMS campaigns

As the world becomes increasingly digital, businesses are turning to text messaging campaigns to reach their target audiences. SMS campaigns are a highly effective way to reach potential customers, generate leads, and increase customer loyalty. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, SMS campaigns offer a great way to quickly and easily send targeted messages to your customers.

How to Create SMS Campaigns

  1. From the sidebar menu, select Campaigns.
  2. Go to the top right corner of the page and click New Campaign.
  3. Choose the campaign type you want to create, in this case, SMS.
  4. Give your campaign a descriptive name and select Get Started.
  5. Choose your recipients and click Continue to Content. (Your campaign can be sent to all contacts or a particular segment.)
    How to create a new SMS campaign
  6. Craft your message.


    SMS messages can contain up to 160 characters. We recommend keeping the number of SMS messages limited to 2 per recipient, and personalizing your message by using any of the following liquid variables:

    • {{first_name}}
    • {{last_name}}
    • {{email}}
    • {{phone}}
    • {{tags}}
    • {{shopify_tags}}
    • {{site_url}}
    • {{shopify_tags}}
    • {{unsubscribe_url}}
    • {{unsubscribe_url}}
    • {{view_in_browser_url}}
    • MMS

    Amplified enables you to send media-rich text messages with ease. Supported file types include .png, .gif, and .jpg. Our partner, Twilio, automatically resizes those images to fit the exact specifications of your mobile carrier. This means you can send beautiful, high-quality visual messages that look great on any phone.

    The total combined request size for the message and media must be under 5MB. If you want to resize your own images, we recommend an image size no larger than 600KB.

    To add a picture or video to your message, click the Add Media button. MMS messaging is supported in the US and Canada.

    How to craft your message
  7. Review Compliance and click Continue to Review when done.

    SMS Compliance to check:

    • Brand Prefix

      Your brand name will be added before your message content. It's a standard option on most messaging services and is required in certain international jurisdictions.

    • Brand Info Link

      This will add your Shopify URL to the end of the message. The Canadian government requires this for commercial electronic messages.

    • Opt out Reply Instructions

      Provides instructions on unsubscribing from future communications after the content of the message.

    • Opt out Link

      Adds an unsubscribe link to the message content.

    • How to check your SMS compliance
    Changing the brand prefix, brand info link, and opt-out link/reply instructions can be done in the Settings page, SMS tab.

    How to change your brand prefix, info link, opt-out link, and reply instructions
  8. Review and confirm your content. Click Continue to Schedule when done.
  9. Send or schedule your campaign.
    • To send immediately, in the Send Now tab, click Send Campaign.
    • To schedule the campaign, go to the Schedule for Later tab, choose the time and date you want to send it out, and click Schedule Campaign.
    • How to send or schedule your campaign

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