Placed Order vs Purchased Product events

When customers place an order in your store, two events occur simultaneously: Placed Order and Purchased Product. Placed Order is generated for the entire order and Purchased Product is generated for each item ordered.

For example, when a customer orders one product, two events are created - one for the Placed Order and another for the Purchased Product. Whereas, when a customer orders three products from your store, one Placed Order event and three Purchased Products events are created.

Placed Orders provide high-level information about the order, while Purchased Products provide in-depth details about each item in the order.

Do we need both events?

Yes, having both Placed Order and Purchased Product events allows you to create segments and trigger different flows based on individual items purchased or based on an order as a whole.

A Placed Order event can be used to trigger flows that confirm an order or thank a customer after they have made a purchase. Meanwhile, a Purchased Product event can be used to segment customers who bought a specific product and send them promotional campaigns.

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