Amplified Glossary

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A/B testing

Also called “split testing”. It is an experimental method of comparing different versions of campaigns to determine which one performs best.

Abandoned Carts

The term used in digital marketing to describe an event in which customers add products to their cart but fail to make a purchase.

Add to Cart Popup

A unique pop-up that asks prospective customers for their email addresses whenever they add the first item to their cart. The add-to-cart popup improves your conversions by simply collecting qualified leads.

Automation Editor

Also known as the "flow builder." This tool allows you to edit and customize automated workflows and visually map out your customer journey.

Bounced Email

An email that couldn't be delivered due to a temporary issue with the recipient's server, a permanent error, or a stringent email security filter.

Broadcast Emails

A one-time email campaign that gets sent to a large group of contacts at once. A broadcast email contains an announcement or a promotion that works best to boost your market awareness

Call-To-Action (CTA)

It is a written directive used to encourage readers to perform the desired action. A CTA can take up different forms such as a text hyperlink, button, or plain text without a link.

Campaign Channels

Platforms used for connecting with prospective customers to promote your brand, products, and services. With Amplified, you can easily launch marketing campaigns across multiple campaign channels, including email and SMS.

Campaign Status

Shows you the current condition of your marketing campaign. In the Campaign dashboard, these statuses are classified into four unique categories: 

Delivered: Campaigns that have already been delivered to your intended recipients. 

Scheduled: These are the campaigns set to be sent to users at a specific date and time. 

Archived: Deleted/inactive campaigns that remain in our database 

Needs Verification: Campaigns that need to be verified by the Customer Support team before going out to the recipients.

Cart Recovery Emails

Follow-up emails that are sent to people who added products to their shopping cart and left without completing a purchase.

Cart Recovery Flow

A sequence of transactional emails and SMS messages designed to recover sales from abandoned checkouts.

Click Rate

Also known as Click-Through-Rate. A metric that measures the number of recipients who clicked on one or more links in your email or SMS.

Content blocks

Drag-and-drop design blocks inside the email template builder. Content blocks make it easy to personalize emails for your campaign. Add, move, delete, and replicate content blocks to achieve your desired look and feel for your email.

Email Service Provider (ESP)

Companies that provide tools for email marketing. ESPs assist users in sending email marketing messages and building email lists. Amplified is an excellent example of ESP.

Email Template Builder

Also referred to as an email builder. A reliable drag-and-drop tool for building responsive and engaging email templates. Inside Amplified, you may start from scratch or use one of our pre-made designs.

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Flow Triggers

These are unique conditions that must be met to start sending emails via automated flows.

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Liquid variables

A template language used in Shopify themes. Liquid uses a combination of tags, objects, and filters to load dynamic content.

Live Activity

A unique feature that allows you to view your customers’ shopping carts in real-time. It also shows you everything that is happening inside your store: purchases, abandoned carts, the number of items added to the cart, and contact information if available.

Live Activity Status

This tab shows you a detailed overview of what’s happening in your store in real-time.

Active: this indicates that the customer is/has been on the site within the last 10 minutes. 

Inactive: this shows that there has been no activity detected on the site in the last 10 minutes. 

Abandoned Cart: this indicates that your customer has either shared their contact information or added an item to their cart, and then left the site without placing an order. 

Order Placed: shows that a purchase has been completed.

Open Rate

An email marketing metric that calculates the number of emails opened for a particular email marketing campaign.

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Quiet Hours

Specific times during the day when you are not sending text messages to your subscribers. Quiet hours automatically delay the delivery of your SMS campaigns during non-preferred times of day to your subscribers.


Internal identifiers that are used to categorize your customers. Tags in Amplified can either be Shopify Tags or Amplified Tags. 

Shopify tags Customer tags that are imported from your Shopify account. These tags can only be changed within your Shopify account, after which they will sync again with Amplified. 

Amplified Tags These are tags that you added to customers manually in your Amplified dashboard. They can be modified at any time."

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