Why we use Postmark as our deliverability partner

Email deliverability is crucial to the success of an email marketing campaign. No matter how good your subject line is, or how interesting or visually appealing your email is, if it isn't delivered, your prospects won't convert.

At Amplified we understand how critical it is to get your emails into your clients' inboxes. As storeowners ourselves, there is nothing worst than spending time creating a campaign, and not knowing if it went to spam!

That's why we chose to partner with Postmark, a reliable and reputable email deliverability tool with a proven track record of exceptional deliverability and service. Learn more about Postmark below.

What is an email deliverability tool?

An email deliverability tool assists businesses in tracking email sends and optimizing email campaigns to improve inbox placement. They aid in increasing deliverability, open rates, and conversion rates.

What is Postmark?

Postmark is a powerful email deliverability tool designed to help businesses handle and streamline the delivery of emails.

They ensure that your emails find their way into clients' inboxes instead of spam folders and that they're delivered as fast as possible.

Why Postmark?

After years of working with and testing various email deliverability tools, we discovered that Postmark is simply the best in terms of delivery and uptime. They understand that simply reaching the inbox is insufficient.

Proven deliverability and reliability (without paying for a dedicated IP)

Postmark has been vetted by ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and has a long track record of protecting inboxes from spam.

They thoroughly examine each new sender and assist them in adhering to deliverability procedures. With Postmark's reputation, you can be confident that your emails will reach their intended recipients in a timely manner.

Separate streams to protect transactional and broadcast messages

Postmark uses parallel but distinct sending infrastructures to send all types of email. They provide a way to route various types of email so that they all maintain optimal deliverability.

Grouping similar types of emails together while keeping sending environments as distinct as possible aids inbox providers in determining what is safe to place in the inbox.

Everything taken care of

Email authentication can be tricky and complicated, but it is critical for confirming that you are who you say you are.

Fortunately, the Postmark experts have created easy-to-follow deliverability guides that cover everything from SPF (Sender Policy Network), DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail), and DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance).

In addition, Postmark also handles the IP reputation, blocklists, feedback loops, reverse DNS, and all of the other low-level protocols for your business.

Fast email delivery

Postmark is about sending time-sensitive emails to your customers. You don't have to pay any additional or hidden costs to unlock high-speed delivery.

Stellar infrastructure

Never lose an email with Postmark's global, fast, and secure infrastructure. Postmark keeps your data safe and secure with N+2 redundancy, regular security audits, and the latest encryption technology.

They have redundant data centers in multiple locations around the world to protect your emails.

Enjoy getting the lowest latency and the fastest email delivery service with Postmark's geographic load balancing.