Getting Started with Flows

A flow is an automated sequence of actions triggered by a specific action or event. This can include messages sent via email or SMS.

For example, if a customer purchases a product from your store, they might receive an automated email thanking them for their purchase and offering them a discount on their next purchase.

Or you might want to trigger an automated email when someone adds something to their cart but doesn't check out immediately. This way, you can remind them about the item they wanted before it gets lost in the shuffle of other products in their shopping cart.

Automated email & SMS messages can be incredibly useful for online businesses. Instead of having to manually send out individual emails every time there is a new sale or an abandoned cart, you can set up an automation flow that sends out all of these messages automatically. Less time spent monitoring and approving emails before they go out, and more time spent growing your business!

Flows Library

How to navigate to the Flows Library page

Amplified allows you to set up automated flows for different types of events, such as:

Cart Abandonment

When a customer abandons their cart without completing checkout, you can send them a thank you message with an offer to entice them back.


This is an ideal time to show your brand's personality and connect with customers by sending them a welcome message after they sign up for your emails.


Customers can receive personalized emails after they've made a purchase from your store, which increases engagement and encourages repeat business.

Special Events - Birthday

Send birthday wishes to loyal customers or those who have recently made purchases through personalized birthday messages.

Flow Statuses

Flow Statuses

There are three statuses a flow can have: active, paused, and archived.


This means the flow is running and will continue to run until you pause or archive it.


Paused status means the flow has been disabled and will not run again until you enable it. When you create a new flow, it will start in the "Paused" status.


This means the flow has been stopped and moved from your active flows to your archived flows. Your archived flow metrics can still be accessed, but you cannot reenable the flow.